Lest you think I’m a) a weirdo, b) taking myself too seriously, or c) throwing around “big words” to sound smart, given the title of this blog, let me tell you: I’m not.

The title is taken from Invisible Monsters, and is supposed to be a photographer shouting instructions at a model…and I think it’s hilarious. How anyone can convey “detached existentialist ennui” in a photograph, I don’t know. And that’s the point (or one of them), and it’s also the point about this: how anyone can convey him or herself in a blog, I don’t know. Do I put pictures of myself? Do I write “here’s what I did today” posts? Do I post pictures of my son and my cats? Is all that completely boring or self-absorbed? Does it matter?

I thought about this a lot. Too much, in fact. And I talked to my husband and asked him if I’d be too narcissistic making a blog and we talked about it over sushi. (Because that’s what an attorney and someone with a degree in philosophy do: they dig entirely too deep about things that don’t need to be that thoroughly explored. Over sushi.)

What we ultimately decided was: so what if it is? (I think that’s what we decided because I had had a beer by then, and I just had a baby and have the tolerance of a high school freshman.) And if you think I’m boring, self-absorbed, or throwing around words, I’d like to quote one of my favorite movies: